October 23, 2018

Intellectual Property and Computer Crimes Release 24 is Here

Release 24 to my book, Intellectual Property and Computer Crimes, is here. The release features major revisions to the chapters on criminal copyright infringement and the DMCA. It particular, it adds to the chapter on the DMCA a detailed analysis of the elements that the government must establish beyond a reasonable doubt to provide a violation of Sections 1201 and 1202 of the DMCA, including that the defendant must act “willfully.” It also discusses the regulatory exemptions under Section 1201(a)(1), including: (i) nonprofit entities; (ii) law enforcement; (iii) reverse engineering/interoperability of computer programs; (iv) encryption research; (v) preventing minors’ access to the Internet; (vi) protection of personally identifying information; and (vii) security testing.

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