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Huawei Indicted for Theft of Trade Secrets

The criminal case arose after a jury in Washington State had awarded T-Moibile $4,8 million in damages for breach of contract. Interestingly, the jury failed to award T-Mobile any damages for trade secret misappropriation even though they determined that Huawei did misappropriate trade secrets relating to Tappy. T-Mobile is also seeking $18.4 million in attorney’s…

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How Bad Really Is Chinese Economic Espionage?

On November 5, 2018, and shortly before being asked to resign by President Trump, Attorney General, Jeff Sessions ordered the creation of a “China Initiative” targeting economic espionage committed by companies based in the People’s Republic of China, and individuals having a connection to that country.[1] This initiative is notable in a number of respects:…

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Release 29 to Intellectual Property and Computer Crimes

Law Journal Press just published Release 29 to my book Intellectual Property and Computer Crimes. The Release addresses developments involving the Defend Trade Secrets Act of 2016 (DTSA), including cases where courts have held that pre-enactment DTSA allegations of a misappropriation of a trade secret coupled with post-enactment continued use are sufficient to sustain a claim…

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